Information for tenants

If you have problems with rented accommodation, or if you just want information and advice about renting, we can help. We are a tenants association and you can find us in Munich, near Karlsplatz/Stachus in Sonnenstr. 10. We provide to our members a service to help tenants solve problems. You can reach us:

daily from 9 – 12.30

and MondayTuesday and Thursday additionally from 1.30 – 6 pm

at 089 – 55 21 43 0.

How to become a member?
You can apply for membership via email, letter or fax. The appropiate forms can be found under the heading Mitglied werden.

You have to pay a non-recurring admission fee of € 15,00 plus an annual fee of € 120,00.

Do I need a written lease contract?
A written lease contract is only required, when a property is rented for a fixed term (more than one year). Nowadays most landlords wish to have a written lease contract. Both parties are entitled to a copy. We can provide standard forms.

Are there different types of lease agreements?
A property or apartment can be rented for a fixed term of a periodic lease. Most homes are rented as periodic lease. This means notice to end the lease must be given by the landlord or tenant. The landlord needs a special reason to end the lease. A fixed term lease is for a set period of time (for example 3 years) and cannot be ended before that time, unless both parties agree or the tenant has special reasons.

What is a deposit?
A deposit is money that a landlord can ask a tenant to pay as a security. The deposit can be an amount up to the value of three months rent. It may be less.

What happens to the deposit?
The law requires that a landlord who takes a deposit must place it into a separate bank account. At the end of a tenancy, all the deposit money plus the interest will be paid back to the tenant, if the rent is paid and there is no damage or other claim. If rent is owed, or there is damage, the landlord may get some or all of the deposit money.

How much rent can be charged?
Rent is usually charged for one month in advance. This means that if one month´s rent is paid at the start of the tenancy, no further rent should be paid until a month later.
Tenants who think that their rent is significantly higher than for other similar local tenancies should ask us for advice.

How much notice must be given of a rent increase?
In a periodic tenancy, landlords must give a minimum of two months notice in writing before putting up the rent. The landlord has to justify his wish to increase the rent. The rent cannot be increased within 12 months of either the start of the tenancy or the last rent increase.

Notice to end the tenancy
Landlord: It depends on the period of time the tenant rented the place:
< 5 years: 3 months
5-8 years: 6 months
8 years +: 8 months in advance

Tenant: 3 months in general at the end of the month

Repairs and maintenance
Landlords must maintain the apartment. Tenants are responsible for any damage that they, or their guests cause – either intentionally or carelessly. Tenants must notify their landlords immediately if something needs to be repaired. Until the damage is repaired, the tenant may reduce his rent.

Are there other rights and obligations?
Yes, the law also covers, for example:
– additional expenses, utilities, for example heating
– the sale of premises
– broker´s commission
– interior decoration
– quiet enjoyment
– the landlord´s right of entry
and much more. We can give you information and advice about your rights as a tenant. We can also help to settle dispute with your landlord. Apply for a membership and we will take care of your problems.

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